You're obliged to tolerate

A dress! A beautiful graduation dress. I need the perfect one. 

Or, I would like the perfect one. As I see it, it'll be payback for two years of trudging through the hard work of nursing school in unbecoming blue scrubs and white Reebok shoes. Besides, I have a fashionable reputation to keep up.

Salmon and buttoned and old-fashioned
Green and cream and twirly
Black and white and flouncy
Pink and cream and printed
Blue and cream and swirly

These are the considerations. Now to choose!

Oh and if anyone has some spare cash and is feelin' froggy, I wear a size zero. Thanks in advance. *grin*


Andrew said...

... hmm. I'm horrible at these things. All are good. Can't narrow it to 1 so I'll say 2 instead, using your descriptions: Black And White and Flouncy or Salmon and Buttoned and Old-Fashioned. Hitting different ends of a spectrum there but whatev :)

R. Wayne Craft said...

number 2 or 4

Andrew said...

K, since the link got fixed for "Green and cream and twirly," I'm gonna have to change my vote to that one. Or the other 2 I said, haha, but maybe that one as #1 choice.

livingwilde said...

Not number 2! The others are great, but number 2's bow will look funny under your gown.

And, ftr, I'm sure you look amazing in scrubs. What do you not look good in???

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