Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Dancing to Vampire Weekend is almost hypnotic. And it just keeps happening. I may look possessed but inside I'm pretty happy.

My 21st was, how is it you say, uber fab? It was made incredibly special by wonderful friends and wonderful family, and basically two weekends of partying. On the actual day, Saturday the third, the boys and I road-tripped to Nashville and returned in time for a family dinner. Then Lindsey, Corrie, Jenny, myself and some more friends went downtown. We danced and karaoked something fierce, and drank in moderation. Whew. ^_^ The next weekend my parents threw me a lovely pool party, complete with candles, root beer floats, music, and garnering the services of Anna to grill delish kabobs! I was given many beautiful gifts, and I'm so thankful for the memories that were made. A fantastic set of weekends.

Speaking of road-tripping to Nashville, I went back up this weekend and I kinda can't even talk about it. It was too great. And I'm afraid my repeating of the greatness would fall short. Just know I met people and everything was perfect. I cannot wait to go up again.

I have three modeling events coming up that I'm particularly excited about. I haven't been to a shoot in about six months and I've missed it. The preparation, the collaboration, the moment of becoming someone unknown to even myself... It's a form of acting. And as for acting itself, I have missed it more than I can say. I haven't been involved in community theatre since last summer and there's a place inside me that feels somewhat numb. Numb and somewhat frightened. I hate it. And I dont know the next chance I'll act unless I just begin auditioning indiscriminately where ever I move to. However, the only film experience I've had is Alex's short film in April... which easily became one of the best weekends Ive ever had.

I seem to be accumulating quite a list of best weekends ever. And I'm positively loving this trend.

I began tonight the exercise plan to whip my body back in shape after my lazy June and July. It'll be my basic weight routine with some variations, and the elliptical for 40 min, 2 miles, 500 calories burned. Every weeknight. I'll attempt to include a swimming routine as well because I'm a complete noodle after just four laps - and I plan to improve in that area.

Also, I've been picking at the piano lately with my rusty fingers, coaxing the music that was there four years ago back to life. I wanted a crash-course pick-up series of lessons and asked my brothers instructor if he had any availability. Not only did he have the time, after my session this afternoon he offered for me to come twice a week for the price of one session! What a blessing, I'm so thrilled to be working hard at it again.

They're are so many blessings right now, I'm quite overwhelmed. I'm trusting the job opportunities and moving plans into God's hands, and I look forward to seeing what happens. ^_^

"How am I supposed to pretend I never want to see you again?"


Anna said...


Your life is good - that makes me glad! :)

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