The not-so-distant future

Wait, wait, wait, before I begin, let me just say: I just ate two soft chicken tacos at El Coyote tonight and paid $3.24 for my whole dinner. Heck. Yes.

I've shopped at Hobby Lobby and Lowe's today, and both trips were successful, so obviously I'm feeling pretty froggy tonight. I found the perfect portfolio binder at Hobby Lobby and the accessories for my lamp project at Lowe's. Next step is to order portfolio prints and buy a 1" drill bit... which was the one thing I forgot tonight when I was at Lowe's. My idea is to transform to old bamboo containers into side table lamps for less than the cost of purchasing lamps at, say, Wal Mart. I think the total transformation will cost $30 and about an hours worth of time. If anyone has an old mirror, or even better, a broken one lying around, send it my way. I purchased silver lampshades and would love to cover the bamboo bases with broken mirror pieces. If the whole venture is successful I'll post a pic!

While mom and I were in Nashville for the NCLEX exam, she picked me up an apartment guide... A rather strong hint, huh? Studying its every page flipping through it tonight brought even more peace to deciding to move there. My dream lies in being in New York, at least for a year or two, but I feel that a transition step is needed. If I could work in the Nashville area for a year and enjoy the community there and save money and even fly to New York often for gigs, I would still be more financially stable by the end. And being financially stable is key if I wish to pursue a MFA next fall, or the following fall, which I am. As long as I'm not stagnant... as long as I stay focused and work and play music and perform in modeling and acting gigs between my nursing job, I believe I will be happy.

So now, to find a nursing job in Nashville.

I'm not above pulling resources or begging for recommendations. If anyone has suggestions, I'll welcome them all. One note to consider is that Vanderbilt Hospital does not hire new nursing graduates, but has a highly competitive nurse residency program instead. So that ship has already sailed. I am going to begin by applying to St Thomas and Maury Regional... wish me luck. :)

And for kicks, here's my resume.

Kaitlin Marie Rich

University of Alabama in Huntsville – Huntsville, Alabama
- Bachelors of Science in Nursing, May 2010
Excalibur Christian School – Huntsville, Alabama
- High School Diploma, May 2006

Registered Nurse: AL #1-127066

Professional Experience
Family Medicine of Huntsville – Dr. Rebecca Conway, May 2010 – current
Performing duties as Dr. Conway’s personal nurse: assist in case management, interview patients, collect vital signs and blood work for labs, administer injections and medications, submit patient referrals, review and maintain client records.

Precepted on the Surgical/Trauma Intensive Care Unit, 180 Hours, Spring 2010
Gained professional skills in a challenging medical environment that prepared me for a future in practicing advanced patient care.

Clinical Practice on the Cardiac Unit, Oncology Unit, Medical-Surgical Unit, Nursing Home, Home Health Visits, Community Agency Services.
Coordinated with medical professionals to provide comprehensive care to adult clients.

Professional Memberships
Alabama Association of Nursing Students - Breakthrough to Nursing State Director
National Student Nurses’Association, UAH Chapter - Chair of Community Health
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Program Knowledge
Familiarity with Pixis drug dispensary; extensive use and knowledge of Windows and Macintosh operating systems; can create quality documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher; understands basic hardware and functionality of computer systems; eager to learn more and can understand comprehensive program training. Typing – 54 WPM

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Red Cross
National Incident Management Systems, ICS 100 and ICS 200, for Federal Emergency
Management Agency

Awards and Honors
Honors Research and Review – studied the effect of recess on ADD/ADHD elementary-aged students; submitted a resolution to the National Student Nurses’ Association and a research paper to UAHuntsville Honors Program.
Dean’s List – Freshman and Sophomore semesters at Calhoun Community College

Employment History
Anthropologie, August 2009 – June 2010: Sales associate
Starbucks, August 2007 – April 2009: Barista
Osborne’s Jewelers, January – October 2007: Junior Sales Associate

Professional References
Please message for references' information.
Dr. Rebecca Conway, physician at Family Medicine of Huntsville and current employer
Kristen Herrin, course manager/instructor for Professional Practice of Nursing at UAH
Vernon “Butch” Davis, advisor/instructor for Professional Practice of Nursing at UAH
Jeremy McCoy, previous employer

Character References
Please message for references' information.
Pamela Bedsole, life-long acquintance and mentor
Penny Ewing, acquaintance, mentor, and currently a nurse at Huntsville Hospital

Community Service
Let’s Pretend Hospital, with UAHuntsville and Hunstville Hospital, 2009 and 2010 (72 hours)
Committee member; assisted with organizing and running an education program for 1st graders about safety, infection control, ambulances, and hospitals.

Lincoln Village Summer Outreach Program 2008 and 2009 (115 hours)
Directed, organized and coordinated a theatre day camp for under-priveledged children to promote confidence, cooperation, and self-expression for those with limited access to private theatre

Fantasy Playhouse ArtSplash summer camps 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 (200 hours)
Organized and performed learning activities with 1st and 2nd grade children

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